Pudasjärvi timber campus

The world’s largest timber-made school combines high technology, ecology and traditional construction. Nylund was involved in the project by providing the campus with an INFRALAN class EA Cat6A general cabling system.

In June 2016, a campus was built in Pudasjärvi, Finland, entirely out of timber. The campus features 9,800 square meters per floor in four buildings that accommodate 800 students. The complex includes an elementary and upper school, special classes, a high school and a community school.

According to various statements, the qualities of massive timber are ideally suited for public construction. Massive wood ensures good indoor air quality, mitigates noise, creates a homelike feel and is an ecologically sustainable material choice. The subcontractor of the timber delivery was Kontiotuote.

“Timber is a familiar material to us from a building technology viewpoint. Our partner, Green Building Partners, made sure that the design of this site met the LEED environmental classification”, says head of electrical design Sauli Komulainen from Are Oy.


30 kilometers of massive wood timber was spent on the Pudasjärvi timber-made campus. Value of the construction project that was started in the spring of 2014 was 41 million euros. The main lobby opens up a view to the courtyard and all the way to river Ii. Picture copyright: Juha Nyman / Pudasjärvi municipality.

The interior building phase of the timber campus was initiated in March 2015. One of the challenges was hiding cables and wires inside the logs.

“A vertical hole was drilled inside the horizontal log by the timber supplier. Holes were vertical specifically because of changes in the logs over time. In very tricky places single sockets and aluminium channels can be used”, Komulainen explains.

A Nylund delivered INFRALAN class EA Cat6A general cabling system has been installed at the campus. Lemminkäinen has built the campus in a lifecycle manner and is in charge of maintaining the buildings until 2041.

The Finnish Tyrnävä and Sysmä communities are also planning on building timber-made schools. New daycare centers out of timber can already be found in e.g.  Haapavesi, Kuopio, Oulu and this site in Pudasjärvi. In addition, there are two Finnish-crafted timber daycare centers in France.