We are Nylund

We are experts in lightning, data transfer, electricity management and liquid dosing in demanding environments. We are not manufactures, but represent the best brands on these expertise areas. Our customers are mainly in Finland.

Our customers

We serve construction and electric wholesalers, contractors, industrial manufacturers and electronic subcontractors (EMS). We also serve larger end customers such as banks, insurance companies, logistic operators,  real estate investors and data centers.

Our offering and brand promise

We provide full life-cycle products and services, energy efficiency and data transfer solutions for the needs of real estate and industry in private and public sectors. We sell and market products in the areas of lightning and lighting control, cables and connector solutions and products and solutions for manufacturing industry. Our promise is to always provide service in person to you and your business. We will stay by your side for your entire project.

A family-owned company with decades of experience

Nylund Group is a Finnish family-owned company with decades of experience. Our team consists of 20 professionals, with expertise to take care of highly-demanding projects. Our headquarter and own warehouse is located in Kirkkonummi, Finland, near Helsinki. Thus, our operational and delivery capacity is fast and reliable.

See the list of the manufacturers and brands we represent in Finland. This page is still in Finnish – the English page is on the way!