Sirkkala bridge in new light

The Sirkkala bridge that was introduced two years ago received new lighting just in time for the dark Finnish winter time. In night time Joensuu, the Sirkkala lights guide the way across the river Pielis to the train station, also shedding beautiful light over the riverside.

The Sirkkala lift bridge was completed two years ago. The bridge is crossed dozens of thousands of times a month by foot, bike and car. The lighting of this nearly 160 meter landmark combines practicality with lighting art that shines all the way to the Joensuu centrum.

Sirkkala’s new lights are linear Meyer Lighting Ecoline LEDs, so-called wall washer lights. They have been installed to highlight the beautiful arch of the bridge without blinding bypassers. This beautiful ensemble that includes precision optics is economical and requires no technical maintenance. The petite lights are barely visible in the daytime, but in the dark they light up the bridge very impressively. The lights are complete with a DALI connection device that enables a customer’s different lighting occasions as needed.

Sirkkala’s new lights were delivered by Nylund.  The lighting was designed by Satu Marttila from Ramboll Finland and contracted by Empower.

Lighting design Ramboll Finland, Satu Marttila. Contractor Empower Oy, Juha Leppänen. Photos by Niclas Nylund.

Sirkkalan sillan valaisimet