Main post office got the lighting it deserves with Meyer Lighting

In the heart of Helsinki, on Mannerheim Square, the former main post office house has had a facelift with a facade renovation and new lighting. “Our objective was to bring out a central Helsinki icon in a calm, elegant way”, says lighting designer Jari Vuorinen from Lighting Design Collective Oy. The building is part of both Finland’s and Helsinki’s history. Subtle lighting was created to support the identity of the valuable building.  

The main entrance from Mannerheimintie as well as the facade was lit with multiple metal lights. A deciding factor was especially the fact that the 3,000k that a multiple metal light produces was the best fit to the facade coloring and its optics works well. The post office house facade lighting has been carried out with Nylund-represented Meyer Lighting’s Nightspot C 150W light with narrow, five degree beam. Thanks to the narrow light division, the light is capable of shedding light on the wall all the way from bottom to top. The lights have been installed imperceptibly under the rim of the main post office house’s roof. Additionally, a few lights have been installed on the train station side of the building.

The frame of the Nylund-represented Meyer Lightning Nightspot C 150W lights is cast aluminium, with aluminium attachment handles and stainless steel screws. The covers are made with tempered glass. The frame also comes powder painted in black, white or silver grey. Other colors are also available to order. The lights have several options in light division: narrow (5º), medium width (29º) or wide (60º). Color filters, prismatic or rifled cover glasses, radial grids and blinding restricting visors are also available to order.

The main post office house is the former headquarter of the post and telecomms institution in the Helsinki centrum. The building, representing functionalism, was designed by Kaarlo Borg, Jorma Järvi and Erik Lindroos and completed in 1938. The main post office house was the headquarter and main distribution center up until 1978, when post handling functions were moved from the main post office house to a new postal center in Pasila.

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