The international betting operator PAF took the future into account when building a new headquarter in Åland.  


In the design of the unique wood and laminated beam built house, special attention has been paid on the lifecycle and adaptability of the building. The curved walls of the headquarter have been coated with solar panels that produce electricity from May to September. The newly constructed building of nearly 3,000 square meters combines the old buildings into an office complex of over 7,600 m2 per floor. The earlier scattered functions are now compactly combined.


Nylund provided the PAF headquarter with a high-quality and long-lived R&M protected Cat6A, class EA network that was designed by Mariehamns Elkonsult. The R&M RJ-45 couplings and device cables are 100% tested at the factory. To ensure the best possible, functional result, the Swiss manufacturer Reichle& De-Massari (R&M) itself trained the mechanics of the contractor, Klingbergs Elektriska.


The different systems of the network can be color coded with eight color options, which makes it easy to keep track of which connection is for the WLAN network, IP camera network and local area network. Color codes can also be used in cross-connection panels, data entry sockets and device cables. Critical connections can also be locked down in a socket unit or lock the device cable itself in an IP camera or a WLAN base station. R&M is very well suited for demanding installation environments such as hospitals, airports, vessels or large offices.