Merry Christmas from Nylund Group!

At this time last year we sealed the plans for 2020. No one could have guessed what was waiting for us around the corner.

This year started faster than the previous one. An event Sähkö Tele Valo AV 2020 – very important for us and also for our customers – was successfully completed in Jyväskylä, Finland. After that COVID-19 began to affect our lives and on Friday the 12th of March we moved to home offices. Suddenly the future was foggy and unreal. Corona had changed circumstances drastically.

Health and safety are very important even under normal conditions, but now those issues rose to totally different levels. We acted quickly; after moving to the home offices we changed client meetings to video and phone conferences whenever possible. In warehousing, we switched to weekly shifts to minimise the risk of infection and ensure delivery capacity.

The emergency stocks maintained our delivery capacity throughout the year

Our professional, committed and motivated staff has played a key role in these challenging times.

We have been investing in digitalisation and automation for several years now. This proved to be very important in the new situation. We were able to move smoothly to our home offices and do the work tasks without any problems.

Due to reduced restrictions, we were able to meet our customers face to face during the late summer and early fall. All those inspiring meetings gave us a lot of strength to handle the new upcoming restrictions.

We immediately increased emergency stocks by up to 50 % for many products, as we wanted to ensure product availability and good service to our customers. This proved to be the right decision. When the world closes and is in crisis, stocks are needed nearby. We can’t rely on stocks somewhere in Central Europe. Nylund has always ensured that the delivery capability works flawlessly. In stock products, our delivery capacity has remained above 98 % throughout the year.

The electricity sector has done well in relation to the conditions. We have achieved a 7 % growth rate this year. We surely know that in the construction industry, the effects will come with a delay. But we look positively at the coming year.

Focus on the service and product range in 2021

In October and November we conducted a customer satisfaction survey as usual. Our customers are generally very satisfied with Nylund’s operations and we are very happy about that.

The average of all measured factors – expertise, reach, service-mindedness, smooth delivery, product range, information and cooperation – is still above four (4.02) in almost every customer category, when the maximum is five.

The development of the product range is perceived as a more important factor in order to further expand the cooperation. We are grateful for this feedback and will seize this area in 2021.

Customer survey 2020 is based on 149 responses. The respondents are divided as follows: designers (40 %), electrical wholesalers (20 %), contractors (28 %) and end customers (12 %).

Peaceful Christmas time

Now is the time to thank you for this year’s good cooperation and trust. At Nylund, teamwork and continuous development are important guidelines in our operations. We welcome feedback from you so that we can improve and develop our operations and thereby serve you better. Of course, we look forward to meeting you again as well.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Bright New Year!

Johan Karlsson
Nylund Group