Nylund Group focuses on lighting, lighting control solutions and data networks. The company sold its Industrial Business unit to Elgood

Nylund Group will focus its business on lighting and lighting control solutions as well as data networks in the future. The company has sold its industrial business to Elgood Oy. As part of the business deal, part of Nylund’s product range, such as industrial cables and connectors, resistors and other electronic components and dispensing equipment and materials, were transferred to Elgood.

Elgood is a representative of electronics manufacturers and a part of the Swedish Addtech Group. The company offers solutions for electronic machines and equipment needs. Elgood has a turnover of approximately EUR 11 million, with 27 employees and offices in Helsinki, Oulu, and Keila in Estonia.

These changes took effect on 1st of January, 2019. The open order book, customer registers and the stock were transferred on the same day to Elgood Oy with present terms and conditions. Elgood handles the sales orders and deliveries from the beginning of this year.

Following the business transaction, Nylund’s sales managers Merja Aaltonen, Timo Torvikoski and Jari Onatsu started working for Elgood from the beginning of 2019.

We thank our industrial business customers and partners for a good and long cooperation! We wish you success and Happy New Year together with Elgood.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Karlsson
Managing Director
Nylund Group
+358 10 217 0360

Timo Niinimäki
Elgood Oy

Managing Director
Tel: +358 20 798 1136